Decontamination Service



Crawl Spaces

Trapping USA removes the problem animal, decontaminates the space it was living in, repair any damages it may have caused and prevent other animals from entering your home in the same manner. We make sure that your home stays protected!


Contrary to popular belief, however, rodent infestations are not an indicator of poor lifestyle or unclean habits. Sometimes, the most immaculate property can have a rodent problem. To eradicate the issue, you need professional rodent removal services. Trapping USA offers rodent trapping for home...

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Animal Removal and Decontamination Service

Trapping USA provides professional wildlife and animal removal services for both residential and commercial properties in Dallas and Houston. Our team is trained and experienced in the humane removal and relocation of wildlife and animals.

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2 months ago
Trapping USA in Frisco got rid of attic rats and saved our roof. Besides, price, 4 minor mishaps prevented the 5-star rating, but I would definitely recommend this particular co. After 9 nights of missing sleep from rats partying in our attic, we were desperate and called Trapping USA, Frisco. We'd already tried, poison, traps, horns, and firing blanks in attic, w/o success. Hunter Hicks gave us a free estimate, climbing all over our roof, inspecting our attic, porch, and all around the house. He told us rats can fit into a hole the size of a quarter. The contract covered two and half wks. of work (a few hrs. at a time) and had a lifetime warranty. After the first day of sealing the roof and putting folded wire cloth into weep holes, plus setting traps, we were required to pay 75% of the ~$4K price. Over the next two wks., the men were to inspect 3 times/wk. On the last day, one man vacuumed up poop and sprayed DSV by Nisus in attic. DSV = Disinfectant, Sanitizer, and Virusc...
- Trish D

Animal Trapping & Relocating Service.

Trapping USA will always provide you with the most reliable, professional, thorough, and pleasant customer experience in the industry. 
Our skilled wildlife specialists are trained in the humane removal of all nuisance animals. Whether it’s a raccoon in a chimney, a squirrel in an eave, a skunk under a deck, a snake in a shed, rats in the attic, etc. – our knowledgeable and proprietarily trained technicians will always provide you with the most accurate and effective solution to your situation.We service all property types – residential, commercial, and industrial – throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Our wildlife specialists/biologists will thoroughly inspect your property and provide you with a detailed report explaining their findings.If animals have entered your attic space we will inspect every corner of your attic – walking out on the beams to check for animal activity and feces, inspecting all air ducts and electrical wiring for possible holes and chewed wires, checking attic fans and vents for openings, etc. We will also thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home, including climbing onto the roof, to find all possible entry points the animals might be using.

This is the Services that We Provide:

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